Ultima and Ultima+ Plan



  1. Premium is for standalone child policy only.

  2. Where child age 0-4 years old include with parent and has 35% co-payment, Premium is 57,317 Baht for Premier and 64,067 Baht for Premier Plus.

  3. If a claim is made by any insured or covered person under the Policy year, any No Claim Discount achieved will be lost and the status of discount will be as at 1st policy year shown above.

  4. If a claim relating to the previous year is subsequently submitted and accepted, and a No Claim Discount has already been given, The Company reserves the right to deduct the equivalent monetary amount of the No Claim Discount from the value of the claim. Any No Claim Discount achieved will be lost and the status of the discount will be at 1st policy.

  5. The No Claim Discount applies only to the premium in respect of the basic benefits. Claims against any additional benefits in the Policy for Vision or Dental will not affect the No Claim Discount.

  6. Elective Treatment for North America, Japan, Hong Kong, EU Countries, and Switzerland - This benefit is permitted only on a case by case with no guarantee of acceptance.

  7. The limit unit and premium are in Thai Baht.

  8. The applicant must be Thai resident or reside in Thailand at least 6 months in 12 months period.

  9. The emergency medical evacuation service shall active while the insured person traveling more than 150 kilometers away from home for less than 90 consecutive days.

  10. The coverage of the permanent implanted medical devices organ are subject to 5 years waiting period.

  11. Information is preliminary information provided for the applicant to consider for applying for health insurance coverage from the company, all insuring conditions shall be referred to Definition, General Definition, General Exclusions, and Insuring Agreement of the health insurance policy of the company.

  12. The insured has the ability to continuously renew the policy up to age 99 years, premium and coverage may be adjusted following the claim experience, health condition, increasing age.

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