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Personal Accident Insurance

Guaranteed peace of mind for those with the desire to feel protected everywhere they go.

Smart Plan

  • highly effective coverage with modest, affordable premiums

Exclusive Plan

  • extended levels of coverage – a highly personalized plan that still operates at very reasonable premiums

PA Platinum

  • high coverage at affordable prices and expand coverage, subject compensation cases, hospitalization

  • Coverage of the deaths are caused by accidents doubled.


24/7 World wide Emergency Assistance


Covered riding or traveling on a motorcycle


Dental Treatment Resulting From Accident

PA insurance

Health Insurance

The most comprehensive medical insurance packages available in the market. We offer worldwide coverage 24/7. With our coverage and competitive premiums that covers actual medical expenses both inpatient and outpatient with lifetime maximum limits of up to 50 million THB per disability/year and choices for discount and annual deductibles. I would recommend 3 plans from 9.

Premier Plan

  • cover start about 1.2 million THB (Premier) and 3 million THB (Premier Plus)

Maxima Plan

  • for long stay Visa (O-X, O-A)

  • cover about 5 million THB (Maxima) and 10 million THB (Maxima Plus)

Ultima Plan

  • for long stay Visa (O-X, O-A)

  • cover about 20 million THB (Ultima) and 50 million THB (Ultima Plus)


24 Hours Worldwide Emergency Treatment


Ability to renew up to 99 years old

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Your Choice of Discount Options


Substandard Risks Considered

Health Insurance

Travel Insurance

In this world wide, we can travelling around the word, but realize first every travelling also have high risk around you, therefore protect yourselves first with travel insurance which is maximum cover about 1 million to 7.5 million bath with difference choice you can choose. 

Outbound Travel Insurance

  • 24-hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance

  • Personal Accident cover

  • Available to all between ages 6 weeks to 75 years

  • Maximum period up to 180 days

  • No medical exam required (Pre-existing conditions are not covered)

  • Optional non-professional sports cover

  • Adequate cover for visa requirements


24/7 World wide Emergency Assistance


Schengen Coverage


Hospital Cash

Travel Insurance

Why should you choose Pacific Cross?

Pacific Cross
  • Pacific Cross is approved by Thailand Immigration Bureau

  • Covid-19 covered

  • Applicant entry age up to 75 years

  • Policy renewability to age 99 years

  • Certain pre-existing health conditions can be considered, but must be declared.

  • Offers a wide range of

    • Inpatient Benefits from 450,000 THB to 50 million THB 

    • Outpatient Benefits from 40,000 THB upwards

  • Worldwide Cover

  • Affordable premiums

  • Fully Staffed English and Thai speaking office Language capabilities

    • include: German, French, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Deutsch, Mandarin

  • 24/7 – 365 emergency assistance and support

  • Annual limits per disability per year rather than combined

  • Cashless Inpatient and Outpatient treatment for treatment in our hospital network of 400+ in Thailand alone.

  • Individual cover ranging from 450,000 THB right through to 50 million THB

  • Full Medical Underwriting – understand your cover from the inception

  • Possibility to cover pre-existing conditions subject to Underwriting approval

  • Family Friendly Pricing

  • No Claims Discounts of up to 20%

  • Annual excess/deductible options to discount published premiums

  • Medical Evacuations fully covered

Whether you require Individual, family or employer group cover. Pacific Cross has a wide variety of plans that will suit your requirements. All plans are fully compliant having been registered and approved by the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC)

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