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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes Thailand Insurance different form other insurance agents?

Thailand Insurance provides you a useful information and sincerely gives you an advise about insurance, especially Pacific Cross. Moreover, as our agent, Kanjana, has more than 10 years experiences with Pacific Cross, we have knowledge, skill, or secret that most people do not know about insurance in Thailand.

2. Why it should be Pacific Cross?

Pacific Cross is the health insurance company in Asia for more than 45 years. Moreover, Pacific Cross provides you various types of plans to suite your conditions.

3. What is "Pre-existing conditions"? 

Pre-existing condition is the health condition or illness that the customer has before signing with the insurance. Typically, the insurance will not cover this pre-existing condition as it existed before making a contract.

4. What is "Deductible"? 

Deductible is to pay the first amount of eligible medical expenses which is depended on the insurance policy. The premium which is the annual payment will be lower.

5. Will Pacific Cross cover COVID-19? 

Yes, Pacific Cross covers COVID-19 but for some plans only. Please advise with the insurance agent to get more details about each plan.

6. Do the Pacific Cross have a plan for VISA? 

Yes, Pacific Cross provides various plans for both O-A VISA and O-X VISA. We recommend Maxima plan which is the most suitable for your Visa. 

7. How is the payment term? 

There are annual payment which is the customer pay every policy year, and semi payment which means customer can pay for half of the policy year, then pay again by the end of the policy year.

8. What is the maximum entrance age? 

The maximum entrance age is the highest age that insurance can take. For Pacific Cross, the maximum entrance age is 75 years old. In case of the customer who is more than 75 years old, please contact us. We can make you a special request to Pacific Cross.

9. How long does the insurance cover? 

The insurance will cover for 1 year of policy. After that, customer would renew the insurance contact. For Pacific Cross, customer can renew up to 99 years old. There will be no claim discount, the amount is up to the insurance policy.

10. How to make claim? 

To claim, the customer should hand the insurance card with ID card or passport to the hospital reception for registration. Then, the customer will get the diagnosis or treatment. The hospital will process the claim. If the illness is not covered by the insurance, the customer pay the full amount of payment. On the other hand, if the illness is covered, the insurance will be responsible for the payment which depends on the coverage of their plan. Remark, if there are any access, the customer will pay on that.

For further questions, please contact us at or call us (+66) 095-253-6126.

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