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Welcome to Thailand Insurance

Thailand Insurance is an insurance agent for Pacific Cross Health Insurance PCL, the Thailand health insurance company which provides the various plans of health insurance for those who would like to stay in Thailand without any worries about their health.



If you are looking for an experienced professional insurance consultant, I am here for you. The experiences with Pacific Cross Thailand Insurance for more than 10 years made me know all about the health insurance which is very important for this moment.



Personal Accident Insurance

Make your pace of mind with Personal Accident Insurance. Enjoy your journey of life without worry with Pacific Cross PA insurance.


Health Insurance

Various plans of Health Insurance are provided for your life style. Also The insurance for applying Visa such as O Visa, O-A Visa, or O-X Visa .


Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is for you who love to travel without any worry. Enjoy your infinity traveling life style with Pacific Cross.


David Leroue

"My name is David Leroue. Now, I'm 65 years old. I know Karn more than 10 years. I got her as my insurance advisor before I came to Thailand. Karn can make me a pace of mind, also my family for long time."

Emma Stein

"Hi, I'm Emma Stein. I'll be turn 36 in this year. I an a foreigner who love to live in Thailand, but when living abroad, I still need some welfare to take care of myself. Then, I got Karn to be my insurance advisor. Now, I'm very happy and worry free  every where I live."

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